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Goldman Briggs Real Estate Group was established by a group of Realtors who believed that Real Estate Agents should be able to keep the rewards of their hard work! Out of that concept came this Real Estate brokerage company that provides a professional, yet independent, atmosphere for agents to flourish and to prosper.

Goldman Briggs Real Estate Group puts trust in the ability of an Agent to run his/her own business, but still provides support and guidance. Rather than the agent's commission profiting an executive staff, the Agent retains their earned amount.

By treating everyone with dignity, honesty, and respect, Goldman Briggs Real Estate Group has proven business practices that allow individuals to succeed! Contact us today for an appointment and you will soon discover all of the Goldman Briggs Advantages!

Goldman Briggs Real Estate Group welcomes both dedicated, committed, experienced agents, well as mentored new agents, to our company. We pride ourselves on providing the best quality environment to attract the Realtor who can provide the services and meet the needs of our clients!

Questions about joining our team? Contact Israel Flores at 469-337-7720 or our office at 972-381-2775.